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our mission – to get the best out of your brand

More people have been into space than become Masters of Wine, the global community currently stands at 419 individuals from 31 different countries.

The pass rate for the notoriously difficult MW exam is less than 10%, making it the worlds most challenging and prestigious commercial wine qualification. Masters of Wine represent the elite of our industry and Winetec represents a unique group within this community, those with hard commercial skills and a track record of holding senior buying and marketing roles within the UK wine industry. Highly qualified and commercially savvy, they’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Which is why we can give our clients the inside track.

Adding the discipline and breadth of knowledge required to become an MW with a background in a specialist area of the industry makes for a very powerful combination.

Winetec brings together this team of elite, commercially focused and highly experienced MWs to offer their services, knowledge and contacts to UK clients through our consultancy platform.

Our Services

Brand Clinic

For clients with an established brand or brand concept. Understanding the all round health of your brand in a marketplace is essential to ensuring its long term success.

Reviewing your brand from the perspective of quality, competitive set, design, price and channel placement by a panel of MWs with decades of specific experience in these elements can quickly determine if your brand is fighting fit and market ready. Detailed feedback will quickly highlight areas of concern or excellence allowing producers to create a pragmatic brand strategy and ensure continued relevance.

Road Map to Market

For clients at the beginning of their journey. Finding your way in a new market can often be a daunting prospect. An unknown place, people and terrain can make navigation difficult. Wine producers frequently use a degree of trial and error in order to find the best route and partners in a market. Winetec can offer a short cut to this resource consuming task via a panel of MWs who will recommend how to plot the best course between a brand and the destination market.

Assets and Investment

For clients looking to invest in the UK wine industry or at specific investment opportunities. 

Individuals or organisations wishing to invest in the wine industry often do so from a position of financial strength but of relative weakness with respect to direct industry experience. Whether it be a vineyard, a cellar, wine brand, an estate or a winemaking facility, combining financial strength with the experience and specialist knowledge of a team of MWs can lead to a much more successful investment. Winetec can provide asset management advice for those looking to invest in the UK wine industry from brands to bottling plants.